Monday, August 12, 2013

Selina Stoane Streets of Shanghai

If you’re looking for some new music to listen to you should definitely check out Selina Stoane’s new album Streets of Shanghai. The songs on the album definitely reflect Stoane’s love of dance. The song Disco will make you feel like you are at a dance club. And you will definitely want to get up and start dancing as you listen to the song.

I really enjoyed listening to the song Love Me Offline.  The melody is smooth, and I really liked the use of the saxophone in the song. And the lyrics got right to the point. Are you gonna love me offline? It’s the perfect song for an online romance.

And the song Next 2 You is a love song that focuses in on not letting anything stopping you from being with the person you love. Her use of synthesizers in the song made it sound different than many love songs.

But my favorite song on the album is 1001 Nights. The song focuses on how long it can take to recover from a break up.

For more about Selina visit or check out her Insider's Guide to New York at InsiderCities.Com


  1. I haven't heard this song before but that is not a surprise since I do not listen to the radio any more instead I listen to a book when in the car and if Tim has the radio on it is to the oldies station

  2. I haven't listened to her songs before but now I have I think they're amazing, I honestly don't know why I have never heard her before, my favourite is Love me Offline ;)