Friday, August 30, 2013


If you’re a fan of electronic music you’ve got to check out Stacktrace.  When I first heard Sampler by Stacktrace, I thought now this is fun. The song starts out with keyboard work and adds some rhythm. And I thought this is nice. You can definitely feel the artist’s love of jazz in the way he mixes the music.  It also has the feel of Herbie Hancock’s electronic music. So you have an electronic jazz piece.

When I listened to the song Looper 5, I began to feel that kind of hopeful relaxation you feel when you listen to a piece of music that isn’t slow or fast, and it has a nice melody.

But my absolute favorite song by Stacktrace is the remix of Alexander O’Neal’s If You Were Here Tonight. Stacktrace’s version leaves out the vocals, but remains pretty true to the original version. It’s a great love song.

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