Monday, August 26, 2013

Taste of the Arts

This weekend was the annual Taste of the Arts Festival here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It seems like there are festivals like this throughout the country anymore. But it’s great to have one here in my hometown. I’m always surprised how this city in Northeast Indiana is much more artsy than I realize. And this weekend showcased many of the local artists. The started out with the weekly farmers market held downtown. But this week there were loads of extra vendors. It included artists as well local restaurants.  My favorite was one of the catering companies that had fish tacos. They were yummy! But the cheesecake that another restaurant offered was over the top.

But the day also included performing arts, and there was a variety of performers. The performers included everyone from drummers, folk singers, to a robot girl.

And the festivities ended with an outdoor showing of King Kong. Not the remake, but the classic version of King Kong from 1933. It was a great inexpensive way to spend a Saturday during the summer.

I guess there are really two points to this post. One I wanted to share how I spent a day. And the second point is that the world around you has a lot to offer, and you should go out and see that world. 


  1. Sounds brill! I love films so the outdoor screening would be great! : )

  2. That seems like a FANTASTIC way to spend a day. I love going to fairs like this. Go out and see the world, indeed!

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