Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Long Road

I heard the song The Long Road on youtube, and I thought this is a really pretty song. I got the impression from the video that the song was about a breast cancer survivor so that really piqued my interest further. And I was right. Vince Barnes from the band Free From Gravity wrote the song for his mother who suffered from a tumor in her chest..

The Long Road by Free From Gravity

The song is sad in the beginning. The lyrics start out talking about seeing someone you love in pain. But the chorus speeds up and talks about the long road to recovery. The chorus focuses on how the road to recovery is a long one, but that the loved one doesn’t have to go through it alone. While the song is sad it also offers hope, it reminds individuals that even though the road to recovery is long, they will be able to live out their dreams.

The band’s goal with the song is to help anyone who is struggling with cancer. You can check out this song and some of their other music on their website.


  1. I have not heard this song before but enjoyed it thanks

  2. A really thoughtful post. Thanks for linking up. See you again at tomorrow.