Sunday, September 29, 2013

Choose To Be Nice

I was so fortunate to be chosen as part of the Choose to be Nice campaign through Pollen-8. I was so excited when I was notified. The goal is to remind people including me to choose to be nice to their fellow human beings. I received a t-shirt that is totally awesome! The challenge is to wear the t-shirt for 10 hours in public and notice when individuals make a choice to be kind to others.

The first day that I wore the t-shirt it was easy. I was going to visit my friends Sarah and Jon, and I was going to the drive-in. Several people saw me in the shirt that day. And Sarah pointed out to her grandson to read the shirt and think about what it said. And when I went out for breakfast the next day I still had the t-shirt on. I was fortunate enough to have friends buy me breakfast in exchange for me leaving the tip. So it was easy to be nice to the waitress, and leave a big tip.

The next time I wore the shirt I was shopping. This was a little more challenging, but not that much more of a challenge. I don’t like to wait in line, and at times I become impatient. Of course this was a day that I had to wait in line several times. But one time in particular I had to remind myself. Just enjoy the wait it’s just part of life. Smile and enjoy the moment. I did, and the clerk thanked me for being patient. She also told me that so many people just get upset when they have to wait. I was thankful that I chose to take another attitude instead of impatience.

And the last few hours that was part of the challenge I wore the t-shirt when I was a tourist in my own hometown. Following the tourist events I met a friend for a late lunch. This was probably the most challenging day to wear the shirt. While my friend and I were eating, the waitress came up and told us quite a bit of personal information about herself.  My friend and were polite and listened to her, which is something I would normally do. But often I would make a comment after someone did this stating that why did so and so tell me that I don’t care. But I thought to myself I shouldn’t complain about someone sharing. It’s time for me to actually be more than polite. I should actually do the second part of being polite. Not complain because I had to be polite. I thought about the shirt I was wearing, and I decided that was the day that I needed to start.

So go over to the Choose to be Nice website, make the pledge to choose to be nice, and then visit the shop to buy a great t-shirt that just might make you think about the way your act at times.

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  1. I love the t shirt, I do try to be nice most of the time, I like to think I am a nice person and hope that comes through to others