Monday, September 23, 2013

Colin Ward’s Music

If you’re ever in the Saint Petersburg, Florida area you should definitely look around and see if Colin Ward is playing somewhere. You might be able to find him playing at a local community event or a local bar. His music reflects the slower pace of life in on the beach, and that Florida mentality.

He’s put together a new cd called Cappuccino. As I listened to the song Let’s Go Downtown, I thought of a lazy vacation day in Florida. The song has that twangy sound of a country song that kind made me think of some of Jimmy Buffett’s music.

But the album has songs with a folksy feel to them like Oh, Appalachia. The song talks about some of the troubles that have faced the people of Appalachia, and how the people in the area have dealt with the problems.

Cappuccino is Ward’s second cd. You can learn more about him and his music by visiting his website. And hopefully, we’ll hear more from Colin in the future.

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