Sunday, September 1, 2013

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

My pet human and I are having a difference of opinion. Our disagreement arises from her belief that we should eat all of the food in the bowl or almost all of the food in the bowl before we have more added to the bowl. While I believe that fresh food should be added to the food bowl each time she enters the kitchen. So I’ve decided to take a poll today. Please provide the answer in comment section.
Should my food bowl be filled whenever my pet human enters the kitchen?
Should my food bowl be filled when most of the food in the bowl is gone?
Or is there another way that the food bowl should be filled?

I am eager to hear all of your opinions on this issue, and I will take them all into consideration as I attempt to resolve the disagreement with my pet human.


  1. Bobaloo, I usually put down additional dry cat food when Summit's bowl is running low or empty. However, can you explain why she is suddenly not eating wet cat food on a daily basis? It got to the point where I fed her dry for weeks, then opened a can of food for her. It's hit or miss--she ate the stuff I put down yesterday, but a couple days before she let it sit, and it got moldy! Ugh! I don't buy cat food with my hard-earned money just to let it sit!

  2. Bobaloo, I believe that cats should have appointed meal times. My cat Maisie has decided that breakfast is at 4:30am, and dinner is 5pmish by default when people return to the house from work. Kibble is only served at bedtime, which is appallingly but unsurprisingly early since we have to wake up at 4:30am to feed Maisie!