Saturday, September 7, 2013

Smokey's Advice on Receiving Attention

I don’t know if I have told you about my theory on receiving attention or not, so I have decided to share it with you today.  The proper way to seek is attention is to seek quality attention. Do not demand attention all of the time. You are more likely to receive treats and proper petting if you demand attention sporadically. When you see your pet human go into the bathroom follow them! This is very important. If they are sitting on their thrown in the bathroom they are a captive audience. They have little to do but sit there for a few minutes, so why shouldn’t they pet you. Simply present yourself in front of them and give them the it’s time to pay attention to me look. You are all capable of the look it’s in your feline blood. This is an extremely effective way of receiving attention, and it takes little to no time.

Another fantastic way of receive great attention from your pet human is to get in bed with them.  Get close to the human and find where their hands are. Now move towards their hands. If they tuck them under the covers get under the covers. They will appreciate the extra effort and you will receive quality responses. I must warn you all that this is more effective if you do it before they go to sleep than if you do it as they are waking up. Perhaps it is our pet human, but I believe it is true in general that humans do not always wake up in good moods. So be cautious if you employ this method as they are waking up.

And lastly, if your pet human is standing. Stand on your back legs and reach up to touch their hand with your front paws. Humans adore this! They will always pay attention to you when you do this. It makes them believe that you need them, which we all know isn’t true, but a little manipulation never hurts in order to get something you want.

Please feel free to employ these methods in receiving attention from your pet human, and provide me with some feedback on how it is working for you.


  1. LOL!! Love this!!! Something one of my two cats would write!

  2. LOL written in true cat perspective!! :)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  3. I always thought of cats as being cunning and reading this proves how right I am..............cunning.........and sneaky...........