Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stiletto Ghetto

Now doesn’t the name Stiletto Ghetto just grab your attention? But when you hear their music your attention will drift from the name right to what you hear playing.

From the start the song Kickstart will get you moving. It definitely has a funk base to it with its use of guitar, vocal, drums, and horns. And I love the horns in the song. The lyrics will also get you in the mood for a great party! I pictured as an opening song for a band on a Friday night. The song will make you want to dance and have fun.

When I watched the video for the song Upside Down I thought this is perfect for the song. Everything is moving in fast forward. The song is perfect for clubs and dancing.

The San Francisco based band released its first album Tendernob Hillbillies in 2011, and people noticed. So far they have had two songs used in movie soundtracks. Their next release Legend In Your Own Mind is due to come out in a couple of months. You can get more information at their website. And you can listen to some of their music on Soundcloud. I know that I look forward to hearing more from the band, and I hope that I am able to see them play live at some point.

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  1. Yes the name Stiletto Ghetto does crap my attention. I liked the clip than you very toe tapping