Saturday, October 5, 2013

Guest Blogger Captain

My pet human keeps pushing me away! I can’t believe it. I just feel the need to be near my pet all of the time. I want to sit on her lap, but she tells me to get down after a half hour or so. So I sit next to her on the arm of the couch. Now as I have stated previously, I am a large feline so I don’t really fit on the arm of the couch, so I kind of lay my legs on her shoulder while I am there. As I sit there I gradually lean more into her, I do this on purpose. It gives us more contact, which is the thing I desire most. But my pet human doesn’t always stay in that spot like she is supposed to. There have even been times when she has moved from the couch without warning me, and I fall down because I was leaning on her. This is unacceptable! I am a cat and I am not supposed to fall down. It is humiliating. She does not take into consideration how awful I feel when I lose my balance and fall. Cats just aren’t supposed to do that! I am trying to decide whether or not I should continue sitting on the arm rest next to her. Is there somewhere else I can sit and get the desired contact without the possibility of the falling and humiliation that goes along with it? Please let me know what all of my fellow felines think, and I am even willing to accept suggestions from other pet humans.


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  2. I love it! To cute. Thanks for sharing and linking with us to the CLIMB hop.
    So glad to have you climbing with us.
    Sew Crafty Angel

  3. Why don't you just lay on her feet..................oh yeah they would get hot and she would kick you maybe you shouldn't do that it would only annoy you