Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Juliette

Dear Juliette Gordon Low:

I’m writing to you today to wish you a Happy Halloween! And probably more important to you Happy Birthday! Aren’t birthdays grand? I’ve always believed that they are just as good as Christmas. I mean people are nice to you, they give you presents, and they may throw a party or take you out to eat as a celebration. I know there are people who don’t enjoy their birthdays, but I’m not one of them. I hope that you’re not one of those people who view aging as a bad thing. I doubt it since you did so many positive things during your lifetime. I’ve found that people who do positive things look more positively toward aging.
I was also wondering if when you started Girl Scouts if you imagined thousands of little girls across the nation selling cookies each spring? I know every time you go to the grocery store on Saturday there are little girls asking if you would like to buy some cookies. Personally, I think it’s kind of great. The cookies taste great, and it encourages those young ladies to develop the courage to ask for something they want. That’s not always an easy lesson for everyone to learn.

I also wonder if you had any idea how many you ladies would gain valuable skills from the program you started. Some of those young ladies have gone on to become some real power houses in the modern world. They include Sandra Day O’Connor, who was the first female appointed to the Supreme Court, Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, Lucille Ball the comedian, and Martha Stewart the businesswoman. That’s a pretty impressive group of alumni from the program you started.

I wonder if your desire to start a program like the Girl Scouts came out of the many personal problems you experienced during your life time. I mean it probably took a lot of courage to divorce that husband who cheated on you and had a slight drinking problem. It must have been difficult for you since divorce had such a negative stigma in the early 1900’s. But your program has lasted for a long time, and benefited tons of young ladies.

So I want to wish you Happy Birthday Juliette, and thanks for starting such a great organization.


  1. Loved this especially since my daughter participated for years. I was a co-leader & can't count how many floors I have slept on :) Nor how many cookies I have eaten :)))) I was your neighbor this morning at Thurs. Favorite Things. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I liked this - I learned so much in my years as a girl scout: helping others, sewing, camping, cooking (I still remember learning to make pancakes and watching for the bubbles before turning over), hiking, singing Christmas songs at rest homes, crafts and bake sales :) Well I just took a trip down memory lane - didn't I?