Saturday, October 12, 2013

K-Camo Bygones Music Review

Sometimes you hear the intro to a song, and you think where is this song going? That what I thought when I first heard the song Bygones by K-Camo. The song starts out with slowly with lyrics saying New Dawn New Day and builds into a rap. As I listened to the song I realized that the song was about letting go of hate. And that the artists were trying to encourage the listener to see that the past is the past. Now that is a message that I really like! Since the message of the song is powerful, the artist has chosen simple rhythms and mixing so that the song sounds really great. And the other songs that the artist listed on soundcloud are just as good.

This is pretty good stuff coming from an 18 year old from Dayton, Ohio. It’s obvious that this young man has a love for music. He has also started his own music label called DopeLogic so he has plans for a future in music, which I think is a great thing since this K-Camo definitely is encouraging something positive.