Friday, October 25, 2013

Make a Difference

You can make a difference on National Make a difference day
October 26th is National Make a Difference Day. There are so many ways that we can make a difference in our world, but often most of us don’t recognize what we can do. So let’s take a look at a couple of things that each of us can do to make a difference in the world.

1.       For most of us the easiest and least time consuming is donating to charities. Choose a charity that supports your beliefs. Large charities provide many options on how you would like your money to be spent. They also provide disclosure of how they spend their money, and often show the amount of money that is spent on administrative costs compared to what is spent on actually providing services.

2.       Donate to local charities either financially or with your time. Both of these are always needed. Local volunteers keep many charities going. The options are often limitless, and pretty much everybody has skills that can be used. Whether it’s assisting with transportation of veterans, to tutoring a child with reading, to washing dishes at your local food kitchen, you have a useful skill.

3.       Do something extra for someone in your life. Remember the people we see each and every day are the people’s lives we are able to make the most difference in every day. A kind word to someone can actually change someone’s day. Giving a compliment can actually make someone feel better about themselves. Taking a couple of minutes to speak to a neighbor may mean the world to them. Remember being nice is a choice!

So it’s up to you to decide how you want to make a difference, but remember the world will be a better place if you decide to do it!


  1. I am very good with the donating of stuff...I am not so good with donating my time...have to work on that one!

  2. I try to make a difference every day and donating stuff comes easy for me, however, my time is always short and I do like to spread myself thin at times