Friday, October 11, 2013

Mona Lisa Shares some Words of Wisdom

Remember the part in Harry Potter where the pictures talk to everyone? That’s always kind of fascinated me. I mean what would the pictures hanging in everyone’s home say?  I wonder what Mona Lisa would say if she could talk. Would she simply tell everyone to stop staring at her? Or would she have some sort of words of wisdom? I believe that she would have a combination of both. Here are some of Mona Lisa’s words of wisdom.

1.       Every day thousands of people stare at me all day long don’t they have other things to look at? The world is full of beauty so why am I what they choose to look at every day.

2.       I was never surprised that the French Revolution occurred, after all those skirts Marie Antoinette wore were a bit much. Don’t worry so much about fads they come and go classics survive the ages!

3.       Since I spent some time hanging in Napoleon’s bedroom, I can assure you that he truly did have “little man complex”. He was a nut job! If you have a child who is a little different than other children in some way shape or form, make sure you spend time with him so he develops into a healthy individual.

4.       The view from a salon at the Lourve is far superior to the view in a broom closet. At least I can see different people as they pass, and I can hear their conversations. In a broom closet you simply have brooms, and they aren’t really known for their conversations. Make sure you get out and see the world a little!

5.       And everyone wonders why I am smiling, it’s simple everyone else who had their portrait painted at that time was very serious. I thought a smile would make me stand out. I was right everyone asks why I’m smiling. Dare to be a little different.


  1. it's great! congratulations! Do you wanna follow each other? let me know! I wait for you on my blog!

  2. I am sure she would be thinking if only you knew what I was really smiling would blush............

  3. The Mona Lisa picture is really awesome. Very interesting post Heidi.

  4. i always wish we had Harry Potter Pictures in real life!

  5. I had no idea she hung in Napoleon's rooms!!