Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arsenal E'Vega Ashes to Snow

Rap artist Arsenal E’Vega’s new release Ashes to Snow mixes great beats with great rhymes. And isn’t that what rap is supposed to be? As I listened to Ashes to Snow I realized that Arsenal E’Vega that his music focused on two things. One is the relationships in his life. And the other is the world that he lives in.

The song Greed is Good caught my attention. The lyrics in the song talk about how individuals often focus on getting money. How there are those who believe that if they could choose between money, respect, loyalty or power which would you choose. It’s an interesting question. And Arsenal E’Vega answers the way many people answer the question. They will choose money first. But I don’t think that is his belief. In the song he points out that he is in it for the long haul. He also points out that there are individuals who don’t have money that are spending loads of it, while those who actually have money are sitting on the money.

And I really liked the video for the song Rose Gold from his previous album called Death to the King Rise the Empire

I really enjoyed listening to Ashes to Snow. Arsenal E’Vega’s ability to combine lyrics that are insightful with rhythms that make you want to dance is a great addition to the rap community.

Feel free to check out his music, but keep in mind that like many rap artists he does use profanity in his music so if you are sensitive to this you have been warned.

Check out his music on Dat Piff and let me know what you think of his music.

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