Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear President Mandela

I’ve been experiencing some minor setbacks in life recently, and sometimes things get a little discouraging. I know that you are a person that faced some pretty big setbacks, and I was wondering how did you stay motivated?

Now I know that during your lifetime you sought to gain more freedom for your people. And in doing that you were given a life sentence in prison. When you were sentenced to life imprisonment did you feel like things would never change? I mean my problems really aren’t that big, and I get discouraged. So I wonder if you thought things would never change when they announced your sentence in 1962.

While you were sleeping on the floor in your small cell each night did ever ask yourself, why did I participate in those acts of sabotage? I mean I am always asking myself what was I thinking when I said I would do that? So I don’t see how you could not have asked yourself that question.

And how on earth did you occupy your mind during the hours that you spent working in the lime quarries. I know that was really hard work, but it also must have been extremely boring. I know when I’m doing boring work my mind tends to wander. I think about everything from my grocery list to my dream job. Did you spend some of that time thinking about how to convince people that they needed to allow the majority of the individuals in South Africa to participate in the government? Did you start work on speeches that you believed that you would give someday? Or did you simply count the stones?

Any strategies you have on how to keep discouragement from getting the best of you would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. I think President Mandela would had given some wonderful advice, he was an amazing man