Friday, January 3, 2014

Advice on Dating a Geek Girl

Many individuals will begin the New Year with New Year’s  Resolutions. And many of these individuals will have a resolution to find love. And some of your lucky gentlemen will be lucky enough to date a Geek Girl. So since I am a geek girl, here is my advice on dating a geek girl.

Don’t Act Like Jabba The Hutt

I have heard geek girls state they want to date someone like many of the characters of Star Wars, but Jabba the Hutt is  not one of the characters that anyone every mentions wanting to date. This means that you need to make sure that every time you take your geek girl out on a date that you look your best.  Jabba was known for repulsing the ladies. Remember that look on Princess Leia’s face when she got to close to him. You don’t want that happening to you do you? And Jabba’s social skills were a little lacking. Jabba called all the shots, the world at Jabba’s palace revolved around him. Geek girls don’t like this. Make sure that you use enough of your social skills to talk to her about things she is interested in.

Hello Kitty Is Perfect

Yes, boys your geek girl probably loves Hello Kitty. Her room may not be full of the cute little kitty, but she likes her. Geek girls like comic books, and Superman, but they are also girls who like girly things. You will have to put up with cute girly stuff during your relationship. Don’t shy away from the cute. While looking at kawaii items, watching True Blood, and other girly geek activities may not be your favorite activities, they will definitely earn you the respect of your geek girl. You’ll get respect just because you are willing to share in something she really loves.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Yes, if you are serious about your geek girl it is important to remember that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Now that doesn’t mean that you have to get her an engagement ring, but geek girls do like pretty shiny sparkly stones. Remember Amy’s response when Sheldon got her the tiara. He didn’t go for the usual diamond gift. He got her a tiara, and it made Amy feel like a princess. He scored big points. Figure out what will sparkly stones will please your geek girl, and you could get those points too.

Gentlemen take this advice and your relationship with your geek girl will definitely run much smoother.


  1. I haven't come across that clip from TBBT but it's hysterical. The Jabba the Hut advice is good too...guys, you must bathe regularly...spraying Axe doesn't cut it hahaha

  2. I have never seen that episode on the big bang theory. How did I miss that?

    Ila from

  3. Oh my gosh stop, this is too perfect! HAHAHA jabba the hut. When I was a kid I used to want to grow up and be hot and attractive like Princess Leia hahaha. Geek girl at heart.