Friday, January 10, 2014

At Intervals Hinges

At Intervals is a band from the Houston area that has a new release called Hinges. At Intervals is another band that is perfect to listen to on snowy winter afternoons.

Hinges is composed of five songs that utilize synthesizers, guitars, drums, and of course great vocals. At Intervals music reminds me a little bit of Coldplay. I think part of it is the airy sound of the music. And the fact that the songs have a pop feel to them, but it’s not the pop music that you hear played over and over on the radio.

In the song  Off and On the band combines a lyrics with a promise of change with a slow melody, that is a lot like how you feel when you are promising someone you love that you will change. It also tells about how much you really need someone.  And the singers voice reminds of Michael Stipe’s in some of R.E.M.’s slower songs.

I think my favorite song on Hinges is Desperately Clear. It’s a song about when you realize that you aren’t going to live forever, and that you need to really go out and live your life. 

The song Leave What You Need shows that the band has beliefs in God. It’s not preachy, but they are definitely asking for God to take what he needs in their lives, and provide them with peace.

Overall, I can’t wait to hear more from At Intervals, and I encourage everybody to visit their page on Noisetrade to listen to their music.

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