Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dear Inventor of the Wheel

I’m not really sure what your name is but as the inventor of the wheel you are a really important part of my life. Yes, it’s strange isn’t it that someone I never met is part of my everyday life. But I realized just how important you are to me the other day as I was sitting on an icy incline spinning my wheels. Now I am sure that you are thinking that you had no intention for your invention to be spun on ice. It was the result of the big storm that hit our area this past week. 

I’m sure that when you first had that brilliant idea that a round object placed underneath a something that you wanted to transport from one place to another you thought this will simply make my life easier. But boy did you ever change the world. I am able to get places so much quicker because I can drive my car to get there.

But I wonder if you can imagine the downside to your invention? Tires are the common name for the wheel now. They are used up rapidly on the planet now. And approximately one tire is discarded by each person each year. The problem is there is no place to discard these tires safely.  And there are very few uses for so many discarded tires.
Inventor of the wheel you are a creative individual who was able to solve a complex problem. So would you be able to sit down and think of a practical way that our current society can solve this problem of excess tires? 

I look forward to hearing from you soon with a great solution to this huge problem we currently have.



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  1. Yeah I am sure they never thought of the problem old tires would be way back when they were first invented but yes they are a great invention