Friday, January 17, 2014

Geek Girl DIY Projects

There are so many great DIY projects out there, and there are some even greater Geek Girl DIY Projects. So I’ve compiled a listed of the geek girl projects that I want to complete this year.

I’ve always wanted the perfect Kawaii dress including ruffle on the back.  And this tutorial from NoBig Dill on how to ruffle your bussle is perfect for a Kawaii dress.

I also want to make some of these comic book coasters that were posted on Modge Podge Rocks. They look so cool, and they look so easy too.

And for the Dr. Who girls out there, here’s an awesome tutorial on a Tardis closet from mad in crafts. Once again it she makes it look so easy.

Okay, and for the costume lovers out there, here’s a tutorial on how to make a minion carrying a box tutorial from Coolest HandmadeCostumes. Now if I had a place to wear it before Halloween.

So these are the geek girl projects I want to conquer. Let’s see how far I get with any of them. And if you have any geek girl diy projects make sure to let me know about them to see if I should add them to my list.


  1. LOL that minion costume is comical and pretty inventive, the Dr. Who closet is hilarious and that storm trooper cut out shirt is pretty darn cool, great group of projects

  2. Love the storm trooper tank! Haha.


  3. Great round up! I can't wait to see what you do on the list. The storm trooper shirt is awesome for all of us Star Wars fans!

  4. I love those coasters. If I ever have a coffee table again, I might need to make some. Thanks for the great round-up!