Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Healthy Outlooks

Everyone around us is always talking about ways to have healthy outlooks in life, but it is so hard to find solid examples of those healthy outlooks. I’ve decided that one group of the most perfect examples of healthy outlooks in life are The Minions. Yes, I know The Minions are fictional characters, but they really do display some really healthy outlooks in life. So here are a few of the things the minions do in order to maintain the great attitude in life.

Play is Important

It doesn’t matter what the minions do, they always have fun with what they are doing. In the video below, the minions are constantly joking with each other. The play jokes on each and laugh.


Part of the reason the minions have such a great time in life is they are competitive. It doesn’t matter if it’s karaoke or going out on a ledge. The minions turn it into a game, and they try to see who is best at playing the game. And they have a great time doing it.


And finally, while the minions are competitive, they do work together as a team if a task needs to be accomplished. Watch the video all the way through and you’ll see.  Yes, the video has a play on the old joke, how many minions does it take to screw in a light bulb? The point is the minions see a problem, they work together, and the problem is solved.

Maybe if more of us had the attitude that of the minions we could reduce some of the stress in our lives.

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