Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hemy & Marshal Rise and Fall

The Australians really seem to be producing great music recently, and Hemy & Marshall are the latest addition to the recent activity down under. Hemy & Marshall’s soon to be released EP Rise & Fall is great to listen to on the cold winter evenings we are experiencing now. That doesn’t mean that all of the music is slow paced, it means that the combination of thoughtful lyrics and a great sound make you feel relaxed.

Their sound has a little bit of a pop sound, with a soulful feel. The song World I Live is a song that will brighten your spirits during this winter. The melody is catchy, and you will want to sing along, and get something done at home.  Just because it’s catchy doesn’t mean that the song is fluff. The lyrics are about not wasting time, but enjoying the moments you live in. That’s pretty valuable advice. After all what is life without enjoying the moments we live in?

The song Rise and Fall made me think of all of those times when I felt kind of stuck in a situation. You know the times when you would do just about anything to get out of a situation. There are so many times in life that we all feel that way. And I really enjoyed the use of piano in this song. It just seemed to make the song stand apart from other songs.

It’s not just luck that has allowed the three musicians from Hemy & Marshall to craft great music. Each of the musicians started playing instruments as children. They developed their talents, and spent hours practicing as a group. Then they decided it’s not enough to just practice, they needed to play live. So they have spent time doing regular live radio shows, and gigs throughout venues in Australia. And of course they spent time recording the EP. So these guy have been working hard. And their EP sounds great.

Rise and Fall is definitely music that should be added to a mature music listeners collection. I hope that the music makes it to the States and receives airplay because the musicians certainly deserve it. Make sure you check out their music, and let me know what you think of it.

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