Saturday, January 25, 2014

Legendary Detective Agency Series

I recently had the opportunity to read the first two books in the Legendary Detective Agency Series.  The books are about a detective agency that is set in a cyberpunk world. Young Jake finds himself asking a strange man named Kirin to help him solve a mystery in the first book called Legendary Detective Agency at the World’s End. Kirin leads Jake on a series of adventures, but the adventures do seem to be worth it. Kirin has a unique talent of being able to solve mysteries quickly. By the end of the first book which contains stories one, two and three. Jake and Kirin are set to work together.

In the second book called Legendary Detective in the City of Kings, Jake has managed to drum up a lot of business for the agency. But Kirin is showing no interest in solving any of the crimes. But a case does come along that catches Kirin’s interest. One involving Jake’s childhood love, and soon many of the small cases that Kirin has shown no interest in are solved through the investigation of that case. And the ending leaves the story open for mysteries to come.

I really enjoyed reading these books. The books are full of adventure and dialogue. The stories are set in a steampunk future world, which is something I really like. And the story is full of offbeat characters, who live just on the edge of life. If you haven’t got the gist of it yet, I like the books. And I recommend them to individuals who are looking for mysteries set in a little different world. The stories involve individuals from different age ranges so teenagers would enjoy reading these books too. If you want to read a series that is fun and grabs your attention then these are books you will probably enjoy

You can find The Legendary Detective Agency at the World’s End and Legendary Detective in the City of Kings by Kaye Wagner on Amazon.

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