Monday, January 20, 2014

Northern Boy

Northern Boy is the upcoming release from J.P. Kallio. The songs on Northern Boy are songs you would expect to hear in a coffee house. Kallio uses acoustic guitars and vocals throughout the dvd.
The song It Ain’t Easy is all about how a relationship changes. How difficult it can be when you see the person you love becomes something else due to their addictions. And the sadness you feel when you realize that it’s time to end the relationship because things aren’t going to get better. The melody is sad and reflective which fits the lyrics to the song.

The song November is a song that reflects on how things are a little more difficult in the cold months. Kallio points out in the song that November is the beginning of the Christmas season. But while many individuals find this time of year exciting, others simply want it to be over. And it points out how many of us long for warmer weather.

But my favorite track on Northern Boy is Greener Grass. I think it really reflects the times in my life when I have felt like I am doing things all wrong no matter how hard I try. The pace of the song was a little quicker than some of the other songs on the dvd, and the melody is one that sticks with you.

Northern Boy will be available for purchase in March through itunes. And with its folksy overtones it will definitely be worth purchasing.