Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Winning Ticket

I don’t know if you have read about the man in New York who was raking leaves, and found the winning ticket. You know the winning lottery ticket. And my faithful followers know that I asked Santa for the winning ticket for Christmas. Sadly, he did not deliver it, but what if he had, what would I do with the winning ticket?

First, I would probably check the numbers over and over to make sure it was a winning ticket. But after I got everything settled, and knew for sure that I was going to receive the money. I would do what a friend of mine always said he would do if he won the lottery. Call into work rich! Yes, I do believe that I would do this. I wouldn’t be mean, and tell people off or anything like that, I would just say I don’t need this job anymore.

Next, I would talk to a financial advisor. Yes, I would have to invest most of the money wisely. And I would need a financial advisor in order to do this. On second thought maybe I should do that before I call into work rich. But I’m still calling in rich either way.

Now, I would provide friends and family with a small help me out lump sum of money. It would definitely be enough to make their lives easier. Yes, everybody be nice to me, you never know when I could get the winning ticket.

Since a winning ticket would provide me with some financial freedom, what would I do for a living? Well, I think that I might just blog for a living. You know do lots of fun, and fantastic things, and let the world know about it.

But with financial freedom comes some responsibilities to the community I live in. So I need to provide something for that community. There are always so many worthy charities in the area. What would be something would provide my community that could help solve problems for a great period of time? Homeless shelters? Yes, I would help them out some. Health groups, of course we all need access to better health care. But if I could do one thing to make my community better, I think that I would donate to the schools. Many schools in the country are in desperate need of updating, and materials. We all know that teachers spend a lot of money of purchasing materials for their classes. We all hear about how departments in the fine arts are being eliminated because there just isn’t enough money for the program. I would do something to change this. How this would be done I don’t know, but hey I’ll have tons of money once I get the winning ticket, and I’ll be able to figure it out.

So let me know what you would do with the winning ticket if you had it.

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  1. Awesome how much you'd help out!! Many people are greedy. I'd love to help out also with my (if I had any) winnings. I'd definitely want to keep the media away - as people tend to get rowdy over winners. I wouldn't know who to trust...
    I'd definitely take my 6-year-old cousin on a shopping spree too!! Maybe a mani and pedi, make her feel like a princess for a day. c: