Saturday, February 15, 2014

Business That Makes a Difference

We all know that the purpose of most businesses is to make money. Yeah, that’s their purpose, but every once and a while you see a business who includes giving back to others as part of their purpose. One of those businesses that makes a difference is Charlie’s Pet Place.

Charlie’s Pet Place is an online business that sells items for those beloved puppies in people’s lives. You know those collars, bandanas and pet tags that express your pet’s personality. Now how can a business that specializes in providing your puppies life with a little bling make a difference? It’s simple part of their purpose is to return a portion of their profits to shelters that feed dogs that are homeless. Now that is something that makes a difference.

Charlie’s Pet Place is owned by the proud parents of four dogs, and their limited edition collars are pretty cool. Take a look at some of the items.

So if you have a pooch who needs a little bling in its life, check out Charlie’s Pet Place.

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