Saturday, February 22, 2014

Is Mother Nature Out to Get Us?

With all of the snow this year I’ve asked myself is Mother Nature out to get us? Record levels of snow have fallen this year and of course there have been those long cold days and nights.  And what happens when all that snow begins to melt all at once. Here are a couple of things that have occurred locally that make me feel like Mother Nature is out to get us.

The first one is the roof at the local mall collapsed. Imagine thinking that you are going to be able to have dinner and go shopping and then this happens? Fortunately nobody was hurt when this occurred, and the damage will soon be repaired.

storm damage

And then a few days later, I’m at a restaraunt with friends. All of the sudden, the emergency alert system makes that awful sound it makes. And the announcement says that there is an emergency alert in a local town. One of my friends begins going through her phone to see what’s going on. Low and behold a local town has an ice jam, which caused flooding. Power was out, along with gas service and water service to that area. This is what that looked like.


So after these two events in the same week, do you understand why I wonder if Mother Nature is out to get us?


  1. Wow! Such devastation, no wonder you think mother nature is on the rampage. In Va. we got some snow, but no where near the devastation.

  2. Wow! Yes, I do see why you're asking that question. Hopefully the weather gets better soon out your way.