Monday, February 17, 2014

Things That Have Made This Week Fabulous

1.       Getting absolutely fantastic news in my mailbox, the one the mail man delivers in, and not the email. Yes, my mailman is the greatest man in my life this week.

2.       Seeing this picture of my nephew enjoying the Ice Festival, and above all resisting the urge to lick the ice sculpture. The festival may not be as grand as the one in China, but it still looks pretty cool. 

3.       Going to visit with family members, and getting to spend time with people I’ve known most of my life.

4.       Hearing the sound of someone bite into a crisp apple. It’s just a really cool sound.

5.       A three day weekend is a fantastic thing. Yes, president’s day is one of my favorite holidays. It's that little surprise in February. 

These are some of the things that have made my week fabulous what’s made your week fabulous?

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