Saturday, February 1, 2014

Three Bands I’m Hoping to See This Year

Yes, sitting at home listening to music is great, but nothing beats seeing a group play live. And here are three bands that I’m hoping to see play this year. They aren’t your average group of performers, like everything else in my life they aren’t what you hear on the radio. But they are awesome groups and I want to see them play.

Pink Martini
Pink Martini yes the name is a little bit of the draw to the band, but it’s also their use of yes cocktail music. I want to see them play live.

Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly I’ve seen them play before, and they are awesome! The band never fails to put on a great show so of course I need to see them while they are on tour this year.

Neutral Milk Hotel

And lastly, Neutral Milk Hotel I like their music, and I’ve read that their shows are loads of fun with a cult following they have developed. They are on my list of shows to see this year.

Let me know if they are any other great bands that you are going to see, and why, and maybe I’ll add them to my list of bands that I’m hoping to see this year.


  1. I am too old to go and see

  2. Love Flogging Molly...happy to learn about the other two. I'll check them out. I love a good music recommendation! Thank you!