Monday, February 3, 2014

Views of Beauty

Views of beauty have changed a little bit throughout the years. It’s included everything from the Gibson Girl to Twiggy. But what style do you relate to most? Take a look at the ideal beauty for different periods and decide where you fit.

The Gibson Girl from the early 20th century was viewed as the ideal beauty. She remained feminine with that Gibson Girl hair, but she also had a spirit of individuality.

The Flapper Girl of the 1920’s Flapper Girls were rebels. They wore short dresses, they drank, the drove fast, and some were seen as a little shallow.

Rosie the Riveter from the 1940’s Believe it or not Rosie was also a bit of a fashion icon. She had that I can do whatever it takes to do what I want attitude, and she had the money to actually pay for the clothes she wanted.

The Pin Up Girl The 1950’s brought us the pin up girl. She is the definition of sexuality. She’s calm, and cool, and she dresses in those wonderful dresses.

Twiggy The 1960’s brought us Twiggy. She was so different from previous definitions of beauty. She was stick thin, and had short hair. She gave us a quiet quirky  image of beauty.

The Working Girl, 1970’s and 1980’s brought us the working girl. These girls had jobs and dressed for the occasion, but they also had a feminine side. They were ready to take on the world with a new attitude which involved moving to the top.

The Grunge Girls came out full force in the 1990’s. Their style was definitely not glamorous, they preferred the laid back look of flannel shirts, and jeans to make their style statement. And their statement was I don’t have to be like everybody else.

So which fashion scene best fits your personality and view of beauty? 


  1. Love this post!
    All lovely looks. c:


  2. I've always been interested in fashion and mindsets of the past, I think they all have their place in shaping our strong, unique, independent outlook of today: be yourself put your own spin on it
    which scene do you like best?

  3. I don't really fit any of these. I am a girly tomboy with an old-fashioned face that is happy in jeans and superga's or tailored trousers and heels.

  4. I love that dress on the very far right of the flappers picture.
    Grunge woul describe me on weekends and around the house.

  5. Well I am no pin up girl but I do think the fashion in the 1950's was pretty I am not a fan of the grunge look it's ok for around the house but when one is going out one should make an effort to look I sound stuck

  6. Whatever a woman feels most confident in! I love the look of the 1950s, but quite a lot of work goes into perfecting that look and I just don't have time to wet set pincurls every night, wear a waist cincher, garters, stockings, heels, and all that every day. Occasionally? Absolutely! But I sure am glad that it isn't the norm these days.