Saturday, February 8, 2014

Your Inner Clinic

My friend Grahame is back this week to tell us more about his upcoming book. Take a look at what he has to say, and let him know about his title and what he is writing about.

Hello folks, Heidi has told you I am writing a book at the moment, it’s title will be,
Guess What?…You ARE Good Enough, 24 Steps to silencing Your Inner Critic. I am really interested in what came into your mind when you read the title. Did you think “yes I have one of those, and I wish it would shut up” or maybe you thought “my inner critic serves me well, and is there to protect me”

Do you see your inner critic like one of the `tormentors` out of Harry Potter, or more like a friend which has kept you out of harm’s way? Has it been responsible for keeping your world small? Does it constantly make you feel `not good enough`?

Here’s the thing, as you are sitting there wondering whether to answer these questions or not, your own inner critic is probably telling you not to. To answer honestly would mean you would have to lower your shield, and potentially look vulnerable and leave yourself open to judgement.
The strange thing about your inner critic is, it can’t survive in the face of vulnerability and honesty It thrives in the dark corners of your mind, were you try and ignore it, and pretend it isn’t there. It loses it’s power when it is dragged kicking and screaming out into the bright sunlight.
So, it’s over to you, will you keep the inner critic nicely tucked away and safe by not answering the questions. Or will you be brave and give an example of how the critic has kept you small.
I suffered ten years of depression, and at one time even contemplated suicide because of a serious accident which left me in constant pain.

How’s that for being open and vulnerable.

Please remember this is Heidi’s blog, not a forum for discussing mental health issues.

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