Saturday, March 1, 2014

And the Winner Is

This week is Oscar week, and while I haven’t followed movies in the theatres that much this year. But I do hope I hear and the winner is The Lady in Number Six. It’s been nominated for best documentary. Now I know there are some you who are groaning after you read that. But no this is a feel good kind of story.

It’s the story of Alice Herz. Alice is no ordinary lady either. She’s 109 years old. So she’s seen a lot in life, including the horrors of Theresienstadt. Now surviving a Nazi Concentration Camp alone makes you a little different from the average person, but it’s Alice’s attitude that makes her extraordinary. 

After everything she has seen in life her statement is life is beautiful. Her story reminds me that even though life may offer you some bad events it’s how you deal with the events that makes the difference.

So take a look at the clip from the movie, and let me know if you think that The Lady in Number Six deserves to have and the winner is added to its title. 


  1. What an incredible woman! I can't believe she can play the piano like that at 109 years old - that's amazing. I hope The Lady in Number Six wins too :)

  2. A worthy winner.


  3. I have heard of this documentary on the news and I would love to see it

  4. Yeah, I'm putting this in my netflix queue

  5. yeah I am pretty excited to see this one, I've put it in my netflix queue :)