Sunday, March 2, 2014

Angry Arcade

Angry Arcade is a LA based group that is putting out some great new music. When I heard their new song Tear Drops, I thought this is a lot different than most of the most I hear on the radio. And so I needed to take a closer look at their music. I listened to the song again, and I realized that I really like the electronic sound the band has going on. The lyrics are sad, it’s about letting someone back into your life after you let them go. You know that what was I thinking sadness you get when you return to a relationship that clearly should not have been revisited.

So I went on over to their page on reverbnation, and found some of their other music. And I liked it too. The song All Caught Up was a little less electronic focused, and used more guitars, which shows diversity on the part of the band. The song Haunted has more of a pop feel to it, but just because it has a pop sound it doesn’t mean that the song is lightweight. It reminded me a little bit of some of Coldplay’s music. And their song Pharcyde has a little bit of a heavy metal overtone to it, which really appealed to me.

I really like that this band is not sticking to the music formula, the music they have presented so far doesn’t fit into just one into just one niche. They are experimenting and that is a sign that they band will continue to put out great music. And I can’t wait to hear what they offer up next.

So listen to their music, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Really liked "All Caught Up." I love all music, so I'm always excited to hear a group I've never heard about. Thanks for sharing!