Saturday, March 15, 2014


Fans of club music are going to be pleased to hear that there is a new website that caters to their tastes in music. It’s called Clubmixed. And it’s a great place to listen to some of the newest and most danceable music. And it’s great because it’s free to sign up for the site, and listen to the music. And they are offering a free promotional right now. The promotional is a free download of BEST OF 2014 mix.

So what do I like about this site. Well of course the music. It’s not always easy to locate the music you hear at clubs, and it’s pretty easy to go through the songs on this site and find something to listen to.  I also like that you can purchase the music from the site, but you can listen to entire mixes before purchasing them.  

I also like that the site contains all the different genres of club music. So individuals who are new to the music scene can get a taste of everything, and learn a little bit more about it. This is a scene that a lot of individuals in the US don’t know a lot about, so it’s a great way to learn. It also contains some bio information about great DJ’s along with their music.

I checked out a few of the mixes on the site, and my favorite was Colin Dale’s That London Feeling. Dale has been a DJ for years, and his music is great.

The only down side to the site is it has an events section, but there are no events listed. But hopefully as the site grows events will be added to this section.

So if you like dance music, and you want to get a great taste of what is hot right now head check out Clubmixed.

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  1. I haven't heard much in the way of music in a bloody long time