Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's a Chore to Do That

There are some things in life that are enjoyable, and I just can’t get enough of doing it. But when it comes to completing household tasks it’s a chore to do that. I know there are people who love to clean their house; in fact I work with someone who loves to clean. She is constantly cleaning the office, and as a joke I told her if you’re still in the mood to clean after work I have a kitchen that needs to be cleaned. Her reply to me was I love cleaning other people’s kitchens. She didn’t come clean my kitchen, but her reply floored me. Never in life have I stated that I enjoy doing a household chore.

Why do I hate cleaning the house? It’s a never ending task. Each day the bed needs made, dishes need to be washed, the cats have knocked things over so there are things that need to be picked up. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it. There is more to be done. I dream about a house elf moving in and cleaning the house while I am at work. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? When I come home from work each day I secretly check to see if my dream has come true, but alas it never seems to happen. And I have to begin my chores for the day.

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