Thursday, March 6, 2014

Which Muppet Are You Like?

The Muppets have always had a special place in my heart. First on Sesame Street, then through their show, and through now through the movies they have always entertained me. And the new move Muppets Most Wanted is sure to add to this love. Part of the reason I like the Muppets so much is their crazy antics. And part of it is because I see so many people I know in each of the characters. I know a Kermit, I know a Beaker, I know a Gonzo, so my question to you is which Muppet are you like?

Kermit is just a nice guy. He’s helpful, loyal, and caring. He’s the kind of guy everyone wants for a friend.

Miss Piggy is the drama queen. Yes, she is beautiful and she knows it. She speaks her mind, and she isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers along the way.

Animal is the original Wildman. Every day is a party for Animal, and he enjoys every moment of every day.

Gonzo marches to the beat of a different drummer. He’s in love with a chicken, and his acts always push the limits on the show.

Statler and Waldorf are the guys who heckle the Muppets at each performance. These are the people who are criticizing everything they see.

Sam the Eagle is the person who takes their role in life a little too seriously. He is the moral compass of the Muppets, but he a difficult time keeping up with everyone’s antics.

Do you see yourself in any of these characters, and are there any other characters that you love and identify with?


  1. I'd totally be Animal!
    Awesome post!!


  2. Hmm mostly Kermit with moments of being Miss Piggy. Then also the hippie chick in the band (janice,vicki? cant remember name).

  3. I am so obsessed with the Muppets! hahah! I think I am most like Kermit =) I love him!
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up with me today!

  4. I am Kermit for sure, except I am not green

  5. I am probably more like Kermit but I wish I could speak my mind more like Miss Piggy she owns it!

  6. OMG, I love this so much. I am a HUGE Muppets fan; Animal and Janice are always my favorites, but I'm mostly like Gonzo :) That being said, it's funny you said this because one of my besties calls a couple she's friends with Waldorf and Statler. HA!

    Thanks for the morning smile. Stopping in from SITS Sharefest :)

  7. Cute idea. I guess I'm a Kermit. Just ask Mr 20-something. He LOVES my inspiring speeches. LOL

  8. I think I'm a mixture of Gonzo and Animal. Is that possible? Such a fun post! I'm popping by because of SITSSharefest. Because its my first time here, it is all that much more fun!

  9. Hahaha! I love the Muppets! I have a heart like Kermit, a mouth like Ms. Piggy, & the inclinations of Gonzo. Fun reflection!

  10. I'm Kermit. :) I have been told that I act like Kermit by my kids so I guess it must be so.

  11. I'm definitely Miss Piggy most of the time!

    Thanks so much for sharing this fun post at my Say G'Day Saturday linky party. I'm so thrilled you joined in!

    This week's party has just started so please pop by and say g'day when you have a chance!

    Best wishes for a lovely weekend,
    Natasha in Oz