Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zac Poor's Music

Imagine you’re a musician and your dream comes true. You get a contract with a major record label. You start working hard with the label, and then your dream goes all wrong. For some reason you leave the record label after a short period of time. Do you give up on your dream? No! You simply change your strategy. That’s what happened to Zac Poor, and today we’re going to take a listen to Zac Poor’s music.

Zac’s song She Believes In Love is a great pop song. Zac has a sweet voice, and the song is mixed really well. The lyrics to the song are all about a girl who regardless of everything believes that love is real. It’s a nice song because so many songs are about individuals who have become jaded and no longer believe in that good things can happen in life. This song would fit in well with the songs that receive air play on pop radio stations.

Zac is not only working on a new album. He is writing songs for other artists such as the Australian singer Samantha Jade. Zac’s talent is definitely in the pop realm, and I look forward to see what he has to offer as a performer, and as a songwriter.

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  1. I really like this. I'm not sure I'd even put him in the pop genre, he reminds me a lot of ATB, and even some Armin Van Buuren, who are definitely in the trance/techno genre.