Saturday, April 5, 2014

Basement Classics

One of the things I love about the internet is that you can find pretty much anything on it. So when I came across Basement Classics, I wanted to share it. It’s how one man is sharing his music hobby with the world.
He creates all of his own music, and some of is it rocking, and some of it is more mellow. Some of the music is a full song, and some of it is just sections where the artist is working on developing portions of songs. It’s interesting to hear what the musician finds interesting at the time.

My absolute favorite on the site is Emu Bash. It’s a song with a song a long folksy feel to it. But the other songs under country fried are also fun to listen to. They are parodies, and are something I kind of expect to hear on a morning radio show. The songs under the Deep Thoughts section were great to listen to because the artist is using his acoustic guitar and sharing his music with the world.

The music on basement classics isn’t the glossy mixed music that is released by record labels.  This site is simply someone who enjoys creating music and sharing it with others. The songs are genuine and from the heart. There are songs that are thoughtful, and there are songs that are just poking fun at the world. And that’s what I like about this site. If you want to see what one person’s love, you should visit this site Basement Classics.

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