Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BBQ Pork Fried Won Tons

I really like won tons. I like won ton soup, and I like fried won tons. I had some left over bar-b-q pork, and I decided why not? It’s just a little twist on the traditional fried won ton.

So here’s what you need.

½ cup of bbq pork
½ cup shredded cabbage
¼ cup diced carrots
Won ton wrappers
¼ cup peanut oil
Bbq sauce

What you need to do.

Mix the pork shredded cabbage and carrots together. Now stuff the mixture into the won ton wrappers. Pinch the ends of the wrappers to seal them. Heat the oil in a skillet, and then add the won tons. Fry them for about a minute on each side, or until they are brown. Take them out and serve them with bbq sauce as a dip.

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  1. Nice way to use up leftovers, I'll adapt things like this to fit what we have in the fridge also. Thanks for sharing at Happiness is Homemade :)