Monday, April 7, 2014

Itai Simon

Itai Simon is a bass player who has been around the music scene for several years. You can hear a sample of his bass playing in the Sugar Plum Baby song Judge You.  

While Itai enjoys playing with bands, you have to be practical in life don’t you? So Itai has built a service to help musicians. And he has a range of services that are available.

If you have written a song and recorded it, you simply send the music for him to review. With this you get a professional review of your song, which points out the pros and cons of the music. And he provides a few tips that may make your song sound better.

Another valuable service he provides is a list of contacts in the music industry. And this isn’t just a list with 5 or 6 contacts. Itai has a regularly updated list of contacts with over 1,500 names on it.

He also provides a full production package that provides you with a team of professionals who create the perfect take of your song. And if you just need some great bass work for your song, he can provide that too.

With his experience playing in bands, recording with artists, and producing music the services his provides are great for a great deal of musicians who are starting out. And that list of contacts would be great for anyone pursuing a career in music. And it's all available online. You don't have to meet with him to use his services. Anyone from anywhere can use his services. Check out his website, and see what he can offer you.

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