Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just Ask

Many of you will have heard the story about a single mom who left her 3 year old alone for 20 hours. She thought he would be alright because he left him food, juice, and a movie. The mother left her son alone while she went to work, and then spent the night at her boyfriends.

When I first read the story, I thought maybe she couldn’t find anyone to babysit while she was at work. I thought I can see that happening to some people, but then I asked myself why did she leave go to her boyfriends if she knew her child was alone? And I was even more surprised when I read that the woman’s mother stated I would have watched the baby if I knew she needed someone to watch him. And I couldn’t understand why the woman just didn’t ask for help?

But the bigger question is why do these stories keep appearing in the news? Why does this keep happening? And I’ve decided that  I’ve been right all along.  Just because you can have children doesn’t mean that you should. 

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  1. Yes why indeed, I couldn't imagine leaving any of my children or grandchildren alone what goes through some peoples heads