Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Easter Basket

Easter is just a few weeks away, and I thought I would share with all of you who are thinking about sending me an Easter Basket, things that might be extremely appropriate for my Easter Basket.

First, something that appeals to that geek girl inside me, a 31 inch tall Darth Vader Doll is that cool or what? ToysRUs

And a couple pieces of chocolate that appeal to my inner geek would be nice too! You guessed it Batman Bacon Bites SweetsSoGeek

And a great surprise would be an ice cream hoodie. KawaiiClothing

And a little something to encourage good behavior a Peter Rabbit bank. Waterford/Royal Dolton

Finally, some hand painted Russian Easter Eggs to fill the basket with. Katyushashop

Remember you’re never too old for an Easter basket, and let me know what you would love to see in your Easter basket.


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