Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Best Advice

Have you ever thought about the most practical advice you ever received? Was it something life changing? Was it something that made your life better? Were they words of wisdom that you have thought about all of your life? In my case the best advice I received was extremely practical, my mom told me you need to take typing class. As long as you can type you can always find a job.

Now, many of you are thinking what’s the big deal? They teach everybody how to type in school.  In fact I’ve read that they have started teaching keyboarding in kindergarten. But once upon a time, this didn’t happen. Learning to type was not a class that college bound individuals needed to take. In fact I was asked, why are you taking typing? My response was my mom told me to.

But mom was right. While I was in college, my friends had jobs working in the kitchen and cleaning. I got a job working for the business professors. How did I get a job working for the professors? I could type their tests. It was that simple. They asked if I could type, I said yes, and then I took a typing test, and the next thing you know I was sitting in office typing syllabi, and tests. It was awesome!

Then several years later, this great paying part time job that involved data entry came along. The job was so easy. I didn’t have to think too hard. And it eventually worked into a full time job.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

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  1. I taught myself to type when I was a teenager, and my parents bought me a typewriter when I was only still in my teens. The best advice my mum gave me was don't sweat the little things and to pick your battles when it comes to being married