Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Steersmen Present High Tech Low Lifes

What do you get when you psychedelic rock with electronic? You get the new release called The Steersmen Present High Tech Low Lifes. The three man band is based out of Chicago, and it has combined keyboards, guitars, and drums to create a unique sound. The band uses a lot of echo sounds in their music. While you will be able to identify each song the band plays as their sound, you will never know quite what to expect from each song. 

The music kind of reminded me of some of The Cure’s music in the 80’s. Maybe it’s the synthesizers and kind of dreamy sound to the vocals. My favorite track on the recording is Lost Cause. I like the rhythms of the song, and the use of keyboards. And of course I like the lyrics that state they were wrong when they said I was a lost cause. It’s an interesting song to listen to.

I expect that this band will easily fit into air play on college stations around the country. I would really like to see this band play live because I find their music so interesting. I would also like to see how their sound transfers from the recording studio to a live venue. Overall, I like this album, and I recommend it to those who enjoy alternative music.

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  1. This is definitely different then what I usually listen too. I like it!! Thank you for sharing it on our Four Seasons Blog Hop,