Saturday, April 19, 2014

Things That Have Made This Week Great

Once again I’ll share with you the moments that just kind of made this week special for me.

I drove into the gas station, opened the car door, and this is what I heard. (Jungle Boogie) How can you not smile when you hear this song?

While I was sitting in a restaurant, I overheard a man speaking on the phone to a florist, he asked if there was still time to get flowers delivered to his wife today. He ordered her a half dozen roses. It was sweet!

I looked out the window this week and saw the first tulips bloomed.  The yellow ones were the first to bloom. I love tulips.

Listening to someone tell the story about how she saw a squirrel running around with a pair of men’s boxers on its head. Picture that one in your mind.

I looked through some papers and I realized I had a $20.00 gift certificate I forgot about. Woohoo! It’s like finding a $20 bill!

What’s made your week great?

1 comment:

  1. Yeah finding a gift voucher is like finding money I would love to find money of some kind as I am so broke