Sunday, April 13, 2014

Three Tips to Staying Cheery When You Get Disappointing News

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very cheerful person. I’ve even had a person or two accuse me of being unnaturally happy. And honestly, I don’t understand individuals who aren’t happy. Don’t get me wrong I have times when I get down, but overall, I’m happy.
Recently, I received some disappointing news I have to work on Sunday. Everyone was upset, and I have to admit I wasn’t overjoyed about the idea. But life sometimes throws you curve balls so you have to deal with it. You can choose to be angry and sad. Or you can choose to be happy. Here are three tips for staying cheery when you get disappointing news.

1.       Express How You Feel!

My immediate reaction was to Ahhh, that isn’t what I want to do on Sunday.  It's okay, to be unhappy with the initial news. If you don’t recognize your initial emotion you are just repressing it. That can lead to serious issues with anger. And who wants that?

2.       Make a Choice
After your initial emotional reaction, you now can make a choice to be angry, depressed, or cheerful. After my immediate reaction to having to work on Sunday, I asked myself is this something I have control over. The answer was yes and no. I don’t have control over the way a manager makes out my work schedule. But yes, I do have control over whether I work there or not. I can find another job. Ultimately, I do have control over the situation. I’ve made a choice to work this job, so I need to accept what comes along with the job.
So at this point list some good things about what is going on. In my case, I get paid for working. Yay! I need the cash. The supervisor I’m working with is nice. I get to spend time with someone I like. Focus on what is good about the situation instead of what is bad!
3.       Put Things Into Perspective

I once had a co-worker who often asked people when they were upset about things “What does this have to do with your eternal salvation?” It was kind of a crazy question to ask people, but she always got her point across. Her point was always is this really a problem? While it might be frustrating at the time will this be one of those events that you will forget within a month, a year, or a decade. Remember, this is a short portion of time when you are uncomfortable, in most cases it will pass.
If you follow these tips, you can deal with a disappointing in a more cheerful manner, and the little things in life won’t get to you as easily.

How do you handle situations that disappoint you?


  1. Yes yes yes great tips and I have had my share of disappointments in my life and sometimes it is so hard to stay happy and not let it get to me

  2. great post, i try to stay positive like you said making the choice to be there, focusing on the good things that are going on. My friend says, we aren't saving sick babies!!! when we need to put things into perspective, that always helps :)