Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chic Flicks

Here are three chic flicks I’ve seen recently, and what I think of them.

I went to see a movie with a friend called The Other Woman. This is a movie that I wouldn’t normally have picked on my own, but I have to admit it was a fun movie to watch. The movie is about three women who have been cheated on by the same man. As the women put together a plan to get their revenge, they develop friendships. The movie is humorous, and the part that is so funny, is the lengths these women will go to get even. In the movies everyone is always able to act out all of those crazy ideas everyone has when they have been hurt. That’s what’s so fun about this movie. They do some really crazy things that we all wish we could do.  If you’re looking for a fun chic flick this is for you.

Rockabilly Vampire was not a good movie. But I couldn’t stop watching it. The plot involves a woman, who is in love with the 50’s. And in particular she is in love with Elvis. She meets the man of her dreams. He looks like Elvis. He talks like Elvis. And he acts like Elvis. There’s only one problem he’s a vampire. The plot is weak, and the acting is bad. But I still had fun watching this movie. I love the clothes, and I loved the soundtrack even though it did overpower the movie. If you enjoy b movies that are quirky you might have fun watching this film.

For The Boys starring Bette Midler was a good movie. I mean it has Bette Midler in it so how can you go wrong? It’s the story of a comic duo from the beginning to the end. The story moves from the 1940’s to the present. The story points out how performers were affected during each decade. And of course Bette sings in the movie. But individuals with sensitive ears may not enjoy Bette’s use of profanity during the movie. Bette Midler fans will definitely enjoy this film.

So what chic flicks do you all recommend this week?


  1. I saw The Other Woman this week too and I thought it was pretty funny! I had a good laugh at it :)

  2. Heidi, if you have netflix watch GBF. It's like watching an After School Special.

  3. Heidi, if you get a chance watch GBF. It's on netflix right now. It's like watching an After School Special.

  4. Who doesn't like a good chick flick

  5. My mother saw The Other Woman last week and couldn't stop laughing while she was telling me about it. I definitely want to see it. I saw For the Boys years ago and you are right Bette Midler is always good. Visiting from Mommy Monday Blog Hop.