Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dragon’s Curse The Dragon and The Scholar Book Review

I recently received a copy of H. L. Burke’s book Dragon’s Curse the Dragon and The Scholar. The book begins with a dragon looking for information, but why does a dragon need to know about a king? Shannon is a student learning about apothecary, and botany at the academy. And she has an assignment for school. She must go to the castle and treat the king who has been injured by a dragon. And this will be a difficult assignment for Shannon because she speaks her mind. Which as her instructor points out, is not something that goes over well at court.

As the story unfolds, Shannon becomes bored at court, and makes friends with the dragon. But the king doesn’t like dragons, and he has put a price on the dragon’s head. As you can imagine Shannon wants to protect her friend. So she warns him that he must leave. But for some reason the dragon won’t leave. And then she learns that this dragon is much more than a dragon.

This is such a fun book to read. It involves fantasy, intrigue, loyalty, friendship, and love. Shannon is an interesting character, who is intelligent and full of life. And well who isn’t interested in becoming friends with a dragon? I mean wouldn’t you love to have a dragon as a friend? The book is well written, and women and young adult readers who enjoy fantasy stories will enjoy it.

Go on over and check out the website to learn more about the book, and other’s written by H.L. Burke.

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