Friday, June 13, 2014

A Long Summer in Ohio

A Long Summer in Ohio is the new release from Hit the Ground Running. And this band from Ohio does hit the ground running. The music on the album is pop music with a little harder edge. The album has songs that are catchy, and that will stick in your mind. But it also combines a little harder guitar riffs than what you hear in most pop music.

This album has six songs that will definitely remind you of summer. The song Falling Apart is the first single they are releasing on the album. It is all about the carefree memories from a relationship. The singer realizes that even though he doesn’t want things to fall apart, it isn’t up to him. The song has a fast tempo, and lots of woe ho’s. It’s pretty catchy.

I really like how the song Never Let You Go started. The guitar is a little slower, and lyrics are all about being in love. It’s a feel good kind of song that is great to listen to on warm summer evenings. My favorite song on the album is Tattoo. I really like the line memories stuck like a tattoo. You know the memories that never go away. It just sticks out in my mind and creates a colorful image.

If you enjoy pop music that makes you want to sing along, and is great to listen to at those summer parties, then A Long Summer in Ohio is the indie album that you need to explore.

The album is released through In-Demand Records in Cleveland, OH, and you can purchase their music through bandcamp. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

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