Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adopt a Cat

Today I feature a guest blogger named Captain. He’s a big white cat with a story he wants to share with you today.

I wasn’t always the big healthy cat that I am now. When I was a kitten, I was very tiny. My very first pet humans were not really that responsible. They put me outside in the cold weather, and they didn’t always provide me with fresh food and water. I found a comfortable and warm spot in a hole in the houses siding. I didn’t get the attention that I desired from those pet humans. But the neighbors were very nice, and they assisted me with finding a new pet human.

I moved into my new home with Billy. Billy was a generous and loving pet human. He loved good food, and he enjoyed life. He provided me with loads of quality food, and I soon grew to the size I am now. We had many adventures including one that was a little frightening in Alabama with someone named Katrina.  Billy adored me and provided me with some much needed attention. I so enjoyed our afternoon naps. He spent all of his time at home with me. Then there came times when he was away for a few days. And then the times grew longer. I didn’t know what I did wrong, and I was not receiving the proper amount of attention. But I did notice when he returned from these absences that he never seemed to feel well. I wanted to comfort my Billy, but I didn’t know what to do. Then one day he didn’t return. I miss my pet Billy, but I am sure that he is watching over me from heaven.

After Billy left, I was bounced around for a few months, I spent time with Billy’s brothers, but they just were not good pets. Then one day, Billy’s sister picked me up and took me to someone’s home. I knew this person, this person had visited Billy often. I liked this person. This human stated that I really was Billy’s cat because I walked just like him. I looked at the human and sent a visual message don’t you mean Billy walked like me. I knew this human would require some training, but I also knew it was workable. Since then I have adopted this pet human, and I greatly enjoy her company.

So if you see one of my fellow felines out and about with no one caring for them, open the door and let them in. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Captain, I'm so sorry you lost your favorite human. He sounds like he took great care of you and that he loved you very much. I'm glad you've found a new forever home though. You've been through a lot. I just wrote a post recently on adopting shelter pets (or taking one in just like you)...we have 6 rescue (and one non-rescue) animals who are a part of our family now. One of our cats was found abandoned in a UHaul. Shame on those humans.

  2. What a sad story Captain I bet Billy is watching over you indeed

  3. awww I bet you miss Billy- but thank goodness you have another loving human to care for you!

  4. What a lovely story indeed. Cats/Dogs always pick their pets. It's just the way it works.

    Hope you had a purrfect Feline Friday. :)

  5. Captain, thank you for sharing your sad story - I'm so sorry about Billy and at the same time I'm glad you have found a human who is trainable. As a human who was recently chosen by a homeless 3 legged cat, we do sometimes need instruction! I make sure she always has plenty of food and water, is warm and comfortable and cared for. We have cuddle time every afternoon so that she knows how much she is loved. I hope you get cuddles too. Much love to you Captain!

  6. So happy you have both found new pets to look after and love.
    Found via Mommy Monday